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What Is Wrong With My Rifle ..... Howa Mini Action 6.5 Grendel

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I recently purchased a Howa Mini Action in 6.5 Grendel 20" Heavy Bbl, and thought I'd sight it in along with my new Scout Squad today.

I put a New Redfield scope on the Howa and these are the results that I got! Shots 1 - 5 are numbered. Something is obviously wrong!

I was using Hornady 123gr. Match ammo.

On a side note ... I'm really pleased with the Scout Squad and it's accuracy. I sighted the M1A in on the bottom right target and the final adjustments seemed to be about right!
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Not to pour salt into a wound, but my old 6.5x55 Swed made in 1901 will put 5 into under a quarter at 100yds with Winchester white box. Something is as loose as a goose. Does the rifle have iron sights, if so may try them. If they shoot good then it has to be in the scope system and I have gotten scopes with a loose erector system right out of the box. Don't keep us in suspence, if you find out what it is, let us know.
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