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What do you think this flash hider is?

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I assume these were sand cast, correct? The ones I see are usually nice and straight, this one looks to be warped. Although the ID appears to be straight, I'm wondering if the outer profile is twisted and warped but the machined taper is perfectly straight? I don't have a No 7 spiral taper reamer to check it but . This came off of a 1980 NM rifle with an honest 250 rounds thru it. Do you think this is aftermarket, or is it original SA piece? Is there a way to tell? Thank you in advance.
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Watch out on what FH you use or get on a rifle. About four years ago I purchased a couple FH off of GunBroker. The seller said they were GI and I had bought some items from him in the past, so I though they would be OK; (note he is still selling M14 parts on GB)? I noted there was a strange color change in one area, however when they arrives they passed the ring test so I though they were OK. About 2 1/2 years later I finally got around to finishing the build on my LRB M1A/M14 super match and I used one of those FH in the build. It worked OK for the first 50+ rounds then bang, strange noise and the round blew it in half. I don't know if they are Chinese, cheap copies or something else. I called LRB and talked to Lou and purchased one of their GI/NM flash hiders, everything good, now However watch out for the parts on the market. Caveat Emptor!

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The exact same thing happened to me, same seller, same response. I no longer deal with those people, they are knowingly selling a lie. Buyer please beware.

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