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What can you tell me about this one?

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M1A serial# 29,xxx

Major parts:
Op-rod: 7267064 66118 and dod stamp
Barrel: MFR 26978 9345206 6-83 82472
Front sight: M062
Trigger housing: 7267030-OM-N

Reciever is double lugged. Has NM sights and barrel is marked NM. Stock is oversize but not bedded. Picked this one up from a retired Marine. Told this is a Quantico built NM. Rifle is as new condition.

Can anybody tell me more about this rifle?
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With that serial number it certainly sounds like a Preban for sure ....

I thought NM front sites were .072 but I could be wrong here .....

I believe the OM THG designates a division of Winchester ...

Sounds like a nice weapon for sure and possibly a Marine match type shooter.

"Welcome Aboard" ....

sounds like a winner.....

oprod is winchester. the barrel is saco defense. the trigger housing is essentially winchester. olin-matheson was their parent company back then. the front sight is NM .062 is a standard NM width.

what about your bolt?
Thanks for the quick answers. I checked the bolt and it is marked 7790186 66118 TT, which I believe is winchester. I was mistaken on the receiver being lugged. Looks like this rifle parts are all USGI winchester with the exception of the NM USGI Saco-Lowell barrel.

The stock is fancy walnut, oversize, and tiger striped. There is no cutout for a selector switch. Stock is not bedded, but fit is extremely tight.

How would one go about getting providence on this being Quantico armorer built?
if it didn't come with any papers when you bought it, i doubt you'll be able to do much. maybe try to track down the former owners? that's a place to start.
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