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Which Bolt Stop/Release is best? Smith, Rooster or USGI?

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What Bolt Stops/Releases are available, which is best?

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Smith or Rooster? Are there others available that are good bolt stops/releases? Or is USGI still the best?

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I have the Smith on two of my M1As and really like it. I havnt heard anything negative on Roosters stop either.
bolt stops....

USGI only!
If anything was ever invented for nothing........THATS IT!

They are BIG. They are UGLY.
They do not fit the profile of the receiver to the point of making it look like it's grown a big wart or something.

AAAnd, they will make the rifle potentially unsafe. If you lay the rifle down on it's left side with it engaged, guess what? slam! The stupid things are so big, it releases the bolt. If you happen to have a loaded mag in the rifle, now it may be pointed somewhere you don't want a locked & loaded rifle pointed.

No way to get around that except to put a scope on the rifle so the receiver bolt on the scope mount will hold whatever you lay the rifle on away from the button. Or remember to always lay it down on the op rod side.

I would say that most people lay the rifle down on it's left side.

Use your money for something that will do something useful, like a NM op rod spring guide.

Besides that, well, there's nothing else really except, keep your rifle USGI.
You don't need any doo-dads, bling-blings, or potentially unsafe parts on it.
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I like the ones from Rooster, have one on each of mine. dmen
I have one of Rooster33's catches. He was present when I installed it. :)

I can't disagree more as to the comment that it looks like a wart on the side of the reciever. Rooster's catch looks like it belongs there.

Yeah, it can release if you set the rifle down on it's left hand side. So what? Don't put it down on the left hand side with a loaded rifle!
The m16 has had a big bolt catch since it first came out.I have never seen or heard someone accidentally trip it (but i am sure it has happened). How easy is it to depress the rooster/smith bolt latch? I am looking into bying a rooster catch myself...
But each man unto his own! They are few things more attractive than a plain jane m14 :D
Easy. Slap it with the palm of your hand and it'll release. Kinda the whole point, really.
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