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Back some 15 years ago, Aguila 30 Carbine was a real problem in both my M1 Carbine and my Ruger Blackhawk.

Purchased 500 rounds of the stuff, then after fighting failures to extract in the M1 Carbine and having to get aggressive with the eject rod on the Blackhawk, the ammo now sits in an ammo can, with plans to break it down, might try to find why it doesn't work too good.

Back when I purchased my 2012 Scout, I also purchased 250 rounds of the MAGTECH
.308, 150 grain, ammo.

Had a bunch of failures to extract, but it may have been because I did not scrub the chamber good enough prior to the first range trip.

Worked fine in the bolt action and have reloaded the brass 2 more times.

Never bought any more.
1 - 2 of 104 Posts