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I have made it my policy to only purchase US manufactured ammo. In the past I have had issues with two types of foreign manufactured ammo. Both were manufactured by reputable companies and some folks swear by them. The first issue was inconsistent cartridge headspace and the second was a blown primer. The blown primer ended up in the trigger group and that was quite an adventure.

I contacted both the distributor and the manufacturer of the ammo with the blown primer and they tried to tell me that the problem was due to a non mil spec chamber. I explained to them that wasn’t the case. The rifle was a Colt M4A1 carbine with a mil spec barrel. The distributor took back the unfired ammo but the manufacturer didn’t do a thing even after I sent them photos and filed out their incident report. Lesson learned.
What mfg? I have used a large amount of Serbian ammo ( PPU ) with good results and reloaded their brass. I am guessing is it not Prvi Partizan from Serbia?
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