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What ammo would you not buy again?

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What ammo would you not buy again?

I haven't bought Russian ammo in a long time. Hard primers, dirties up chambers, casings create more friction in some mags causing stoppages, more erosive bullets, and I really don't want to support Russia in any way.

Blazer alluminum. Hard primers, casings don't slide against eachother well.

Freedom Munitions steel case.

M80 type fmj 7.62x51. None of it is accurate.
That's what I can think of at the moment.

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Bought some turkish , never again.
That's funny. Never had any Trukish myself, but I went through a Blue Card certification years ago with a bunch of bodyguards from U.S. Surgical. These guys came with brandy new Glocks and plastic bags full of " supplied" Turkish 9mm. All through the classroom part of the course they were laughing at my backup Colt .32. On qualification day it became a whole different story. On the line all these big mouths had trouble with their ammo. Bang, poof, pop and some nothing. Stovepipes and fail to extract among other failures. Never saw so many trying to clear a weapon at the same time. My poor old Colt never missed a beat an made certification without a hitch. After our classroom disassembly, cleaning and re-assembly, there was nothing to blame but the ammo and maybe a few limp wristers in their lineup.
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