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Anything made in this century by Lake City, whether sold thru Federal or Winchester.
Anything made by Winchester with the WMA headstamp (excluding RED9 or RED45).
As far as .308/7.62mm goes, I'm done with Lake City, but I'll buy LC 5.56mm ammos, preferring M193 over M855 if I can help it.

I had a case of '70's vintage Santa Barbara that was awful.
When I first got my Socom16, I had 100 rounds of SB... and, yes, it was not that great. Glad it was only 100 rounds.

I also bought 200 rounds of Academy house brand Monarch .308... not knowing it was steel-cased Russkie stuff. That WAS awful, and it blew a 6" flame up out of the Socom brake!

I found 2 50rd bandoliers of '80's era Indian ammos... the bandoliers turned out better than the ammo. It did go bang! and not BOOM! ...so there is that.

In 5.56mm... I had a case of 90's era Norinco yellow box 'M193' ammo, accuracy was nothing to write home about, but the worst thing was about every 5th case neck split on the first firing.
1 - 1 of 104 Posts