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What a treasure find!

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There are still treasures to be found. Recently found 8 bandoleers in mint condition
dated 1966 and made by Winchester. This stuff looks like the day it was made.
I paid $10. a bandoleer (60 rds per)and thought it was a steal…..nostalgia, after all 1966 is
A special year for me.

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A local dealer has a stash of 66 Winchester ammo. I bought a few bandoleers last summer.

It was great stuff & my rifles loved it. I plan on buying more when he reopens the shop in a few months.

Good find!

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Lfox has a 1954 dated SA Garand. For Xmas I was able to locate two bandoleers of 1952 date AP rounds. Bandoleer is mint, with new appearing cardboards, the ammo is 1952, and the en blocs are also mint. The bandoleer identifies the ammo as AP/1952. Also was able to pick up two en blocs loaded with tracers, 1952 also. Even got a box of AP from St. Louis plant, yep, 1952. Old guy selling off his extras. Korean era vet. We'll keep them with the weapon for display. Price? 154 rounds of AP, 18 En Blocs, 16 rounds of tracer, and an original box of AP, $25.00. I believe that the idea of displaying them kept the price down. :D
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