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I had a pretty good today, I bought a Armscorp M14 NM reciever from RCRTR he's one of the members on BR. and a real nice guy. Meet him at 2:00 to buy reciever and then called Geffory Corn to see when he could put it together. He told me that he was about 3 weeks behind but since I was in the area bring it on up and he would see what he could do. I got there at 3:30 and walked out with it done at 5:15, darn he's good. I was impressed on how Geff was quick but did it right and checked and double checked every detail. What a day. 8)
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Yeah Dig, it was a pretty good day. I will try to get some pics if my stock ever gets here. :x Can't wait to shoot it, all we got to do with it was test fire it. Maybe this weekend [-o<
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