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Were All Front Sights the Same

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I was surfing E-Bay and ran across this listing


It has three different height sights. I was never aware that there were any variation in sight height. Is this sellers info correct?
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That is nonsense, your instincts were correct. The sights on eBay have been altered. There is an M14 like front sight that has an identical base and dovetail but with a higher blade. It is the early M79 Grenade Launcher Sight, which I think was used only on the early Springfield M79's.

On the left is the standard M14 sight. Middle is the early M79 sight produced by SA. Right is the later improved M79 sight produced by the other contractors.

The sight blades on the two M79 sights are identical in height, but higher than the M14. All three use the same sight screw too.

People will come up with wild imaginations to sell stuff on eBay.
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But he didn't necessarily lie though. They could have come from USGI rifles. What he didn't exactly tell you is that he filed them :D
Yes agreed. I just think he is implying that there were three different sight heights. Maybe they were filed down by somebody in the service, or by him. Either way I think the sale is meant to mis-lead the potential buyer.
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