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Its a synthetic stock and they were the most weather resistant . Also : It looks like the control rod below the operating rod is cut off. You can see the place where it used to ride on side of the operating rod. This might be part of the welding he was talking about but: he seems to be talking about welding the selector swivel and that has nothing to do with the control rod. Thats not a big deal beacuse the whole select fire part kit can be bought for about $25 bucks. The scope mounts were Junk and were poor at maintaining "0" when reinstalled, but its the real thing. The M2 bipod is worth about $100 to $150 new. If you get it- put the bi-pod on the other way so it folds forward. When they folded back they hit the stock. But all said and done its a real M14 and that means bucks because unless it says "US rifle M14" its second best. There is nothing like the real thing. The bore on these will always look good unless the crome pealed off because all the issued M14s were crome bore. Get hold of the guy and question if its a rewelded reciever. That could make the whole thing a little less attractive..Being M14s were never really offered for public sale many that showed up on the market were rewelded recievers. If it is the real thing and not a reweld I would buy it in a minute.... .... .... ...........Twiggy
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