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warped oiler

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I usually keep gun scrubber and lubriplate in my oiler, but I tried to take it out of the buttstock today and it got stuck. I finally wedged it out and discovered that the side with the gun scrubber had warped. I'm wondering what you guys keep in your "lubricant case". I live in West Texas, so I never use oil (as soon as I do a big cloud of sand will land right on top of me :x ), and I don't want that extra space going to waste. Any suggestions? :?
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Okay, how about this question: Does anybody out there even use their oiler? 8O
Aloha BK:

I have several "oiler" containers but I only have them as a keepsake. I do most of my maintenance at home or from a full kit that I carry to the range...

What do you think warped the bottle? Was it the heat? Maybe the heat, humidity (increasing and decreasing), etc.?

BTW: I only use oil to wipe down the rifle and parts as well... lubriplate or similar for all points of lubrication...


Tom O.
I keep lithoum grease in mine & have never had a problem.

I think it warped because of the gun scrubber I had in the long side. I've always kept lubriplate in the short side, and decided to try the gun scrubber in the long side this time with negative results. I never really use the GI buttstock kit (except for the combo tool) except for emergencies. I'm really just looking for ideas on what to leave in there for SHTF scenarios. Thanks for the replies, I was starting to think I was the only one using these things! 8O
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