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I am currently having a Garand Mini-G built by Shuff. My vision is basically a M1A Socom 16 but with a En-bloc clip system. Smith Muzzle Brake, 308 conversion, Ultimak Scout Rail, 16 inch Barrel.Synthetic stock. I like the Clip feature and I am from CA. I love the fact that my SHTF rifle is 70 years old. Also get a kick out of people getting butt hurt that I modified a "sacred" garand. So at this point any info the covers a SOCOM with a scout set up will cover me.

I was/am torn between the Aimpoint PRO mounted low with a Aimpoint X-wide 30mm so I can co-witness the irons http://www.aimpoint.com/us/products/all-products/product-singleview/product/PRO/ This set up will set me back 425ish

or the Luepold scout scope on low Quick detach rings http://www.leupold.com/hunting-and-...s/fx-ii-riflescopes/fx-ii-2-5x28mm-ier-scout/ Cheaper at 350ish depending on ring cost

I have a lot of experience with Aimpoints(there is one on my POS M4 right next to me)and know for a fact they are durable and the batteries last forever. Only issue I have ever seen is the power knob broken off. But I would like to maybe hunt and I know Scopes are the way to go for any kind of distance. I have zero experience with the durability of scopes so that makes me a bit nervous.

Then I came across this.

Obviously made for AR platforms and a little higher then I would like(probably have to run one of those cheek riser deals that I don't care for)
but may be the way to go. I have seen the Scope mounts that you can put a red dot on top but that is too high and easy to break. With the Scout scope and a 4 MOA Fastfire 2 I am looking at about 600.
Price is not a huge factor but still. 600 to have CQB and say 400 Meter give or take is not a bad deal. What do you guys think? I would buy this in a heart beat if it was just a touch lower.
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