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I'm an Armorer and am looking to complete my set of US Military GI Armorer Tools. I am right now seeking the following:

M14 Armorer's Tools, prefer the full set in the Oak Box, but interested in single tools as well. M1903, M1917, Garand or Carbine US GI armorer tools are also of interest. I have a few of them, but always seeking a better example, or a spare. (I help people check out their stuff, make repairs at gun shows.)

Also: all M14E2/A1 Items - original, or repros considered. Need a buttplate flapper and pin, screws, an original or excellent machined repro compensator, vented handguard, any foregrip items, (especially rubber plugs!) maybe a bare stock that is good or fixable condition.

M1917 repair part - the curved steel, replacement repair ejector spring. I may want to repro these and need a good example.

Thanks, CC
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