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W-W mark under buttplate?

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I have an M14 stock with a stamp under the buttplate like this:

W-W 11010263

Any body tell me what this means?

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Its a Winchester produced stock. The number is the drawing number , also known as a federal stock number.
Thanks for the reply. this stock has no DOD or P markings, was this a replacement stock as Freds website indicates?
If it was originaly on a rifle , it would have the DOD cartouche and circleP. Most likely a replacement stock. Is it a heavy match stock?
I'm not sure if it a heavy stock, I'm pretty sure it is Birch though. I'll try to post a picture tonight.
i just picked up a stock at gunshow last weekend with same markings under buttplate, but it also had a p on bottom just back from where the trigger housing goes.it is was a little bit heavier and wider then other stocks in pile.at a table a couple aisles over was one very similar. it was labeled and said it was a winchester produced stock made for national match guns.don't know if that helps any . :?: just my two cents.but if mine has a p on it then it was on a gun,right?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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