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They'll have to kill me. And the first wave they send in best have made peace, because I'll do my level best...
I think this speaks to the mistaken point that the second amendment no longer applies because winning against the government who has 'F-15s and Nukes' is impossible. BTW, the PSA commemorative AR lower receiver of that phrase is one of my favorites. :)

If they push people into a position, where the cost of doing nothing is so egregious that they are willing to take action against the government execution of crimes against its own people, 'winning' is no longer required. Simply sacrifice for the sake of another, and demanding some real cost for the enforcement of those crimes, is enough to make that right very relevant, and so long as that is looming and viable, potentially an effective deterrent.

But the effectiveness only scales well if it is widespread, even common, and cemented with community, such that if there were a temptation for a wide scale collection of the 'politically unreliable' to be concentrated into camps 'for their own protection', those attempting to enact it would get a very clear refresher on the real definition to what the 'Militia' in the 2nd amendment referred, a counterbalance that could work with, or against, government powers. But that only works if the Militia itself understands what it is, that it is not the National Guard, but that it is every able-bodied citizen.

And in this, it seems perhaps more than coincidental that community itself is being undermined, not just with divisive politics, but economic forces, media narratives and formats, and political policies that end up displacing people where they have roots, and disconnecting them from their neighbors.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts