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vltor vas-v on NM barrel?

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Im new to the M1A world and ordered a springfield 'precision rifle' in the archangel stock. Im interested in a rail system so I can run forward NV. Ive read that the cas v will not fit a NM barrel. Im wondering if anyone has 'made' one fit and if so what was involved. I have a machine shop at my disposal. I emailed vltor and all they said is that it would void the warranty. I also looked into the troy and knight but the vltor seems to be a good product and I've had good luck with their products thus far. Any help is appreciated.
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Just a guess, but the Vltor looks like one of the largest (external dimensions) railed hand guards available for the M14 types. Some of the other rail options, (Ultimak, Blackfeather) are very low profile, and require that the underside of the actual rail needs to be relieved in order to clear a heavy profile barrel. I'm thinking that, depending on your skill level, you would have a better chance of doing it with the Vltor. Perhaps a member can post a picture of the underside of one, showing the mounting method. It will probably require that you fabricate new clamps to fit the heavy profile barrel. Please keep us informed if you decide to undertake the project.
Since you say you've got a machine shop, another possible option might be to make a lower mount to attach the top half of one of these to your stock. I think you'd probably need to ditch the Archangel and go with something like a McMillan. You certainly could fabricate something to mount a NV rail onto a JAE if it had the two side rail mounts up front, but that stocks going to run you over a grand. As mentioned above, I think your most efficient method of mounting the NV will be the Sage. I've seen them go for as little as $500 used, on the PX, but you have to be quick because they sell fast at that price, and you might end up having to source the heavy barrel op rod guide separately, since the heavy barrel stocks are not as common. I'm also not sure if Sage uses a different hand guard for the heavy barrel stocks (5 screw vs 6) ?

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