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My first M1A is on its way and I'm really excited. I'm going to handload for it, but my .308 loading experience is limited to bolt actions. I'm going to be using 175smks, since I have a ton of them for my other .30cal service rifles, and I've yet to have one that didn't love them. I may go lighter in the future, but that's where I am going to start.

My question is, what is the upper end, velocity-wise, that is safe for the rifle (I know to stick to mid burning powders from my garand loading)? 2,550fps seems to be what I'm hearing. Its a NM, so accuracy is my first concern, and I have no intention of trying to break speed records with it, nor do 1k. That said, if I'm looking for accuracy nodes during development, it would sure be nice to know at what velocity I should call off the search.

And while I'm at it, what about 150's and 168's?

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