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Utah shooters need to

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Hey fellow Ut shooters. I just called the Governors office and told them thank you for not trampling on our 2nd Amendment rights with this whole fire season mess.

I said simply "Thank you". The lady on the phone said "That is great, we never hear the good feedback here, thank you."

I said I thought the banning of steel core, tracer, API, and exploding targets was a good idea, and I had no problem with that, and that I thought it was a fair compromise. But that I was most happy with the fact that he didn't try to just go around the exsisting law like our Federal government has been doing.

I think the more of us that call like that the better off we will be.

Here is the phone # to the Gov. Office.

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I spoke too soon, apparently the fire marshal is going to ban shooting in some areas, and putting the power to do so in the hands of local counties.

We won't be able to shoot til hunting season outside of a range.

So much for calling and saying thanks.
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Yeah I am furious about it too. The mighty red state sheep bah again and we suck on it.

*sigh* I guess I will finally get all that stuff loaded I bought over the winter on my normal shooting days. I have a LOT of loading to catch up on.
Updated my 3 usual spots are all posted "No target shooting". Lee Kay is closed on Mondays (my normal day) and was PACKED today from what my brother said.

What a crock.
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