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Utah shooters need to

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Hey fellow Ut shooters. I just called the Governors office and told them thank you for not trampling on our 2nd Amendment rights with this whole fire season mess.

I said simply "Thank you". The lady on the phone said "That is great, we never hear the good feedback here, thank you."

I said I thought the banning of steel core, tracer, API, and exploding targets was a good idea, and I had no problem with that, and that I thought it was a fair compromise. But that I was most happy with the fact that he didn't try to just go around the exsisting law like our Federal government has been doing.

I think the more of us that call like that the better off we will be.

Here is the phone # to the Gov. Office.

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didn't ban anything from what I saw. prohibited its use until the fire marshall deems it prudent.

LMK if you know otherwise.
AAH! That sucks!! 90% of people who vote for crap, even here, don't shoot or appreciate keeping public lands open. Paranoia/fear driven knee jerk reactions, that have lasting consequences.

Believe me, I understand the need for fire safety. My family was evacuated for the Quail fire. But banning shooting in our already ridiculously limited available areas.... [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#$
I just saw a copy of the actual order and it doesn't mention banning shooting in any areas (yet). Just the previously mentioned restrictions on steel jacketed/core ammo, etc.

Hopefully the blanket ban on target shooting is just hype or misinformation. Keep us updated if you hear anything to the contrary.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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