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USN CMDR. R. Savage

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This individual is not related to me in any way but I thought that you would'nt mind me posting this here as he is currently in the Baghdad area as well and was involved with the Marines in the taking of Uhm Kasar back in the month of March and has battled along their side all the way to Baghdad.

To begiin this little story I would like to first inform you that there will be some info that I have chosen to edit from his emails to me due to various security reasons ....

The Truth & Nothing But .....

Just two days ago I awoke and turned on the computer and low and behold there was an email waitng on me from Baghdad itself from Cmdr. R. Savage, US Navy ...

He had evidently had access to a computer there and was strolling through the net and happened across my website. In there he noticed that I had placed a Tri Color Desert Camo pattern very similiar to what the majority of our Warriors are wearing at this time and he just "Had to have one" .....

He advised that he would make various occassional emails to me with limited numbers from his credit card in order to purchase one of these from me. The reason for this is due to the fact that "others" could possibly very well monitor military emails and for security reasons he wished to handle the transaction from there in this manner.

Attached in his email was a photo of him along with a Marine Gunnery Sgt. and two Marine Captains posing in front of a painted mural of Sadaam himself holding a weapon (as you may have seen numerous ones like this before as Sadaam had them all over the place). In his description he stated that the photo was taken back in March just after they had secured the city of Uhm Kasar.

I have to tell you folks .... I immediately got a big case of the goosebumps and felt "exteremly honored" to be contacted or even thought of from this individual who is half way around the globe with his hiney hangin' in the breeze yet he took the time to make contact with me for the purpose of acquiring a stock that looks similiar to the clothes he has worn for some time now.

To Be Continued .....

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I immediately jumped on the keyboard and this is what the context of my reply to him looked like .....

sixtgunr said:

There is no need for you to supply me with anything here as far as payment is concerned.

It would be an honor .... and my pleasure .... to do one of these for you in appreciation for your great sacrifice in defense of our country and its freedoms.

I am a stubborn ole' Vietnam Combat Wounded Veteran and I will not take no for an answer here ....

In the very near future I will send one of these to the location that you have specified

May God bless and watch over you and all our warriors there that are in harms way and bring you all back home safely soon. Please know that the majority of us back here are behind our troops 100%.

I just made you an offer you can't refuse and as stated ..... It would indeed be an honor and my pleasure to do one of these for you.

Please convey my heartfelt thanks to all of your comrades there as well and know that you are "all" thought of each day.

Be careful and stay safe!

I await your reply .....



Rick aka Six of Whamo-Camo
Now you have to remember (and I like a dummy forgot) that when its daylight here its darkness there and they watch things real real close in the darkness ....

As the situation would have it .... Every email reply to him that I attempted to send was "Returned Undeliverable" .....

Being the former Marine Combat Vet that I am .... I ain't even thinkin' about quitting here and "I'm gonna take this hill come hell or high water" for this man so I kept hitting the send button .... yet still all were returned.

Low and behold in the wee hours of the darkness here it was now daylight there .... Walaaaaah!

My email took and I received yet another email reply from him today in answer to mine .....

He mentioned the fact that he was willing to pay ....

And yet he knew that with my reply of being "stubborn" he knew I was not going to give in and eventually accepted my offer .....

In his reply which surprised me at its length he informed me of what his duties included as well as several incidents that he was involved in that would curl your hair.

I mean to tell ya folks it was like having my very own personal Walter Kronkite ... :)

As mentioned .....

For obvious security reasons I cannot tell you what most of his context consisted of so I will leave it at that .....

To Be Continued .....

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I merely wanted to express to you how honored and priviledged I felt with the thought of this individual contacting me and thought it appropriate to post this here and hope that you do not mind.

Here is the foto that was attached to the email and Cmdr. Savage is the second from the left. Gunnery Sergeant is on the far left and two Marine Captains are to the right .....

Thank you for letting me share my feelings here with you for another one of "Americas Finest".

I present to you all Cmdr. Ron Savage & Associates ...

Respectfully Submitted ...

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That's awesome Rick!! Great pictures!

I'd love to see your WhamoCamo stock serving in Iraq can carried by one of our boys :D
Totally cool.
"SEMPER FI" to all. God. don't it make us feel so proud of them?---"BIRD DOG"
That was great.
Isn't technology great. Even 10 years ago in Gulf 1 this was not possible.

Great picture and God Speed to these men and their buddies.


Thought I would take a moment to give you all somewhat of an update here. I have been receiving a couple of emails from Cmdr. Savage and have manged to get a few through myself to him but the best time for me to accomplish this is in the wee hours of the morning here.

In any case its always a pleasure indeed to hear from hm and he has sent me a couple of pics in his last email that I thought I would share with you.

The first foto is of some of the gang when they enetered Baghdad ...

In this second foto of which Cmdr. Savage is flanked by two Jarheads shows them not 25 meters from the Iraqi border as they prepare to cross the line of departure ...

His emails appear to sound very positive and they are all in good spirits and of high morale. He conveyed to me that thay all know that the majority of us here are behind them and it certainly is a plus sign for them.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you .....

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Thanks for the update Six
Please let him know from another Proud American that our prayers are with him and all our troops in harms way. OD
Awesome SixT! Thanks for sharing that with us!
Morning Six

Anything new on the commander and his associates, tell him our prayers and thoughts are with them.

Have indeed passed your message along.

Matter of fact both Hawk and I have been in contact with him recently.

Seems as though he has purchased one of Hawks Tactical stocks and is also working on a build on an additional M1A project.

He is due to come home shortly and after some quality time with the family does a U-Turn .....

Here is the last pic I received from him (seated on passenger side) while crossing the Euphrates River one day ...

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Some Good News!

Received an email from Ron this morning and it appears as though he will soon be on his way home around the end of the week. He hopes to possibly get some time to communicate with others and participate in the forums as time permits. He even had a chance to hook up with (now a news correspondant) Ollie North recently.

For various reasons I will refrain from posting his email in its entirety but he had a lot of positive things to say and some interesting insight on the possibility of M14 type weapons coming back into the arena. I posted an edited context to that affect in the Firing Line Forum.

God Speed Cmdr. Savage and we look forward to hearing of your feet being planted once again on American soil.

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Great news Six.

Pass on to him that I wish him a speedy and safe return to the States.
I had not thought about it until just now, but I wonder if he could have looked my son up while he was there?

Take care
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