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Using iron sights

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There is a better feeling of accomplishment shooting successfully with iron sights than using a scope for some shooters.. I'm one of those.

My shooting Instructor was Sgt. Doyle Gracy USMC, he insisted that a Score Book be kept {Dope Book for every practice. These books were orange in color an had a provision to plot each round fired, Calling the shot" it was called.. Followed by plotting the called shot in the Dope book. In a short while the impact was on call a high percentage of the time, unbelievable in some of the better Shooters..

Sgt. Gracy claimed there are two things that make a good shooter ,of course the are others. One: learn to call your shots after the let off "Break", and make certain the slack in the trigger is taken up during the final sight alignment, not after alignment, or too early, just a second or two before.. He said, the take-up in more important than the Call. but the two must work together..

Do dry 10 min. dry fire drills in each position in concert with the above. In Off hand and slow prone, look at some distant object, best is something green, like a tree . Miss sgt. Gracy everyday... Art
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if you would expand on the front aperture as to the size vs the target size..
The 'standard suggestion' is to use an aperture that appears about 2X the size of the aiming black.

Smaller than that and mental frustration can happen if the bull creeps into the aperture ring. The frustration increases the physical and mental process of 'settling down and getting a good sight picture'. When aiming, frustration MUST BE eliminated because it interferes with the primary goal.

The 2X ratio is good enough to SEE when the bull is centered.

Of course, everyone SEEs things slightly differently ....
so you need to find what works for you.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA
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