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Name: Nam
Location: Tustin, CA
Price:130 plus shipping
Item: complete USGI stock with buttplate and handguard
Payment: paypal gift or +3% paypal fee or money order

I have for sale a beautiful walnut stock that exhibits fantastic color and grain on the buttstock. I've taken a lot of pictures to try and show the variation in color and striping but it's difficult to capture it all. Pictures don't do the stock justice at all. The stock is like a rainbow of all the different color walnuts.

I say there's striping but I'm not sure that's the right way to describe it. If you look through the pictures, there's an abundance of zig-zag like bright stripes running along the side. There are also a few darker zig-zags that shine a brown instead of a gold color.

The other side of the stock isn't as pretty but nice none the less. From behind and the sides, the stock is a very warm brown to an almost blond shine. From the front, the stock takes on a dark reddish brown and I've tried to capture this effect.

The stock comes with a buttplate that has even but thin finish on the buttplate and a very dark black park under.

There is a round stamp in the trigger guard area that I believe only Winchester does. The DOD proof mark is pretty much perfect. Even stamp and detailed. I think the reason it looks so highlighted is because I might have missed some cosmoline in the cracks. I think it looks good either way. The P stamp is also nice and sharp.

The stock came caked in cosmoline. I eventually sat the buttplate on a hot work lamp with a towel under to get a lot of it out.

I did my best to give the stock justice, but alas it was in vain. Whoever picks this up can appreciate how fantastic this looks in person.
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