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USGI parts Cost?

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How much are these three USGI parts when you go looking for them and how much is too much for them.
1. New bolt to used bolts
2. Op Rods like new to used
3. Complete trigger groups that match

Thanks for the info. I have a line on a few parts and wanted to know if they were too much or a deal.
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Elmer Ballance {Mr. M1A}
op rod - 150
bolt 125
trigger 125

You can also go to www.raparts.com and talk to "Claude" his customer service is also Great and he has all the parts, large and small.

all mine are matching Makers and he is "The Man" and interesting to talk to... No fuss, No muss

PM me for more details if needed...

Tell em the Firefighter sent ya....
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