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USGI parts and my new H&R Trigger Goup

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I got my like new USGI H&R trigger group in the mail on Thursday. I got to putting it on and it is a nice tight fit. It is a way better fit than the cast one it replaced on my loaded package M1A. The lock up/stock fit is nice and tight now. The only draw back is the heavy trigger pull. I can live with it and will not mess with it.

It now has the following USGI parts complete rear sight, H&R op rod, H&R trigger group, and op rod spring guide.

Should I buy an H&R or other USGI bolt and have it headspaced or leave the Springfield Inc. bar stock bolt in it. Are bolts hard to find and what is involved in fitting it.

I have replaced the extractor and extractor spring/plunger with ones from Fulton Armory. I also replace the neutered flash supressor with one with a bayonet lug on it that I bought at a gunshow in Dayton, OH.

Is there anything else that I should replace or have as a spare? The only thing I know of is the cast bolt lock and gas cylinder lock/nut.

Thanks for the help
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If it were me, I would get a full replacement, USGI, set of parts for the rifle and then replace parts as they wear out or start to malfunction. I own a Devine and 2 Chicoms and have replacement parts for each. IMHO, there is no reason to replace any part on these rifles until needed. In other words, why commit valuable parts before the lesser quality parts wear out? Hope this helps.

Thanks Texian that sounds like good advice. I am going to buy a bolt and cylinder lock and put them aside and replace them when the time comes. I will replace the cast bolt lock because it is a wear item and it needs to be a forged USGI part.

Sounds like you know what to do. Be sure to keep the rifle cleaned and lubed properly and keep an eye out for wear and tear. Get a copy of Duff's book, also.

Good luck.

I got Duff's book and that is what sent me on the USGI parts kick. I wish I had this book like 5 years ago when I bought my rifle. I would have not made the mistake of cast parts on my loaded rifle. I bought it cause it had a sweet looking stock and national match parts upgrades (what a bunch or crap). I have replaced 2 of the 4 national match parts with USGI real deal parts

Thanks again
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