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First here's the non BRW ones...

**HRR OM and W SPF**

Here are The BRW S-I

The BRW's have a bit more wear and use than the other 4, but not a lot. These mostly have sat in a couple of ammo cans for the past 10 years. I've got some of the fake W mags (which work fine) that have my primary range mags.

All together now...

I'd like to sell these in lots of at least 4 BRW S-I to minimize my Post Office trips... 4 mags for 115.00 Shipped and insured. Basically 25.00 each plus Priority Mail costs.

The OM I'd like 80.00 shipped for the pair. They are nearly pristine on the inside and have OM marked followers.

Other quantities, PM me and we'll figure something out. I'm easy :)

No PayPal. USPS MO, or a good check.

First I'll take it here has dibs.

Thanks for looking!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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