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I can offer 25 complete sets of authentic USGI bolt guts.

These came from bolts that were stripped of their parts prior to being de-milled by the Clinton-era M14 slaughter that took place years ago, and have been sitting in storage since then as bulk-packed parts.

All parts show some degree of wear, but I would conservatively rate each part as excellent with some to even as-new condition. The chrome firing pins are absolutely perfect and show no signs of chipped or worn strikers.

The extractors appear to be the early M14 / M1 type, and all have perfect claws showing only wear on the finish.

The ejector assemblies show typical wear, but they are also in excellent condition and some are even in as-new condition.

The extractor assemblies are nearly perfect.

These are the real deal, and not sets made up of cheap Chinese parts or commercial parts pawned off as the real thing.

Price is $70.00 each + shipping.

Shipping rates:
1 - 3 sets = $3.00
4 - 7 sets = $4.00
8 - 10 sets = $5.00
10 sets + = $6.00

If interested, please post the number of sets that you'd like to buy here in this thread. Then, please PM me with the same info + your full name and address.

All forum rules apply.


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I'll take two sets please.

PM inbound.
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