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Name: Nam
Location: Tustin, CA
Price:55 plus shipping
Item: USGI stock and handguard
Payment: paypal gift or +3% paypal fee or money order

The pictures don't show it well, but the lighter brown parts shine a very light brown depending on the lighting. Additionally, the stock looks significantly darker from the front view. I had to increase the exposure significantly for you to see any detail from the stock from the front. You can tell by comparing pictures from the front and back and looking at the brick below. Pictures from the front have the brick exposure blown out to compensate for the stock. Looks very cool. If desired, I can take some pictures in the shade since it was really sunny out that day.

The DOD stamp is detailed but hard to show on camera. I provided 3 different lighting angles and I still don't think it represents it well. It looks better with the eye.

The right side of the stock has some thin striping and is quite prominent. A lot of the times, the stripes appear and shift depending on angle. This does it but to a much smaller degree.

Stock has a less common KMT buttplate. Enough talk. Pictures!

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