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item: M14 Magazine used not abused

quantity available (in stock): 5 ea

Description of Magazines: USGI BRW S1, one magazine lightly marked and askew not straight

Price for each item: $25.00+ shipping see below (Postal MO, Certified check, Personal check)

shipping method including price: Buyer option on carrier and method. Cost will be actual cost to your door so I will need you to advise USPS flat rate or buyer advise zip code and I will get with carrier and describe rate and time times.

contact information. PM via this board. ( I will be TDY (temporary Duty) 13-17 Dec but will make every attempt to monitor this site for PM during the evening)

Pictures available by request but please just PM directly and don't post PM sent on this thread and let's follow the intent of the moderators
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