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USGI 20 Round Magazines (New in the Wrap)

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I would like to know if anyone here has had the good fortune to do business with a dealer or private individual selling new in the wrap 20 round USGI M1A/M14 magazines. I have ordered a couple of mags here and there(not wraped)and they have been a disappointment. Either they're scratched, marked up, and worst of all(advertised as USGI) they have no identifying marks as to the manufacturer. That I really don't trust. I'd like to give some of these as gifts and I therefore don't want to give something that looks like it's had a few thousand rounds through it! I can only guess that with the many new? Taiwanese mags around these days that they could be parkerized and advertised as USGI. One merchant actually had the b...ls to say they(Taiwanese mags)are USGI because they are produced on USGI designed machinery! Anyone else born yesterday? I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with the Taiwanese mags as I have 10 of them and they work just fine. They are blued, some minor rust spots easily fixed, and they were sold as advertised. It's just that on this shopping trip I guess I'm looking for the real thing"For Nostalgias' Sake!!!! Thanks in advance for any help you folks can offer. I would like to add that I do live in Long Island N.Y.(a suburb of N.Y.C.)and that's where they would be shipped to, so I assume they would have to be "Pre-Ban". We do still have the AWB here.
Just to review I need:
20 Round size for the M14/M1A
New only, in the wrap
Parkerized and honestly priced.
"Best Shooting"
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