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used? mags in sealed clear plastic bag

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I got 4 mags today that look to be used and then sealed in clear plastic bag. Mags have 6P199 06/10 stamped on the right side near the bottom. Follower is a mustard tan color. The top and the body is grey. No markings at all on the black floorplate.

Plastic has
NSN: 1005-01-561-7200-B14, O/P
Code 9A

P/N: 1321312
Magazine Assembly 30Rd. 5.56MM
1 each
Contract Number W52H09-07-F-0051
M-31 05/10
Center Industries Corporation
Wichita, Kansas 67217

VP 391

Just wondering if these are actual military contract mags?
Why would they seal used mags?
Are they bogus?

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There is quite a bit of finish wear. Scratches on the sides where the mag goes into the mag well and near the bottom sides. Only other thing I can think of is that the mags were packed togther and the finish wore off through the plastic package during shipping from the original manufacturer through where ever it went till now?
If the finish 'wore off' during shipment, it would still be in the bags.

The date code makes them just a year old, it's not like they were sitting in storage for 10 years.

If memory serves, all my military issue mags had stamped data on the floorplates (this was in the '80's before all the date code/pre ban nonsense...)
Those are just new Center Industries M-16 mags. They are not used. The scuffing is just from being handled & shuffled around. M-16 mags aren't made to be pretty with nice smooth finishes. They are absolutely normal.
If memory serves me correctly, those are like what was issued to me before my first tour in iraq. I remember being a little excited because they were from wichita which is close to where i'm from. Mine were just as scuffed and whatnot, even fresh out of the plastic.
Center Ind mags

It is my belief that the finish wear is from the stamping operation that puts the numbers and letters on the mags..I had some just like yours, only they were from several years earlier production. They are, in fact, new mags IMHO.
Thanks for the responses and the info. Lost the post for a bit.

Basically got 4 mags with a AR handle mount and a little tasco red dot scope shipped free for $52. Had thought about putting them up on consignment at a shop. I might end up keeping the mags.
Simple way to tell new from used if in doubt, look for wear marks on the follower and rear of mag at the feed lips.
Those aren't used mags.
I have over 100 pre ban mags in the same plastic wrap from Center Industries dated 1992 and older that have the same finish scuffs on the mag sides. It is the result of handling / process wear that occurred before the mags were sealed.

Hey thanks guys.

Hey thanks guys. I was about to buy some of these and was wondering myself. Very helpful information gents.

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