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Have some more items I found to sell.
1. M14 E2 bipod,this appears to be a older SAI version.Not like the W.M.I. marked Chinese copys. I remember SAI sold these in the 80's.Not a USGI version but a very nice copy and the price is also right. $110.00 shipped.Now$95.00
2. 5 USGI gas plugs,nice condition and finish. $20.00 each shipped. Now $17.00
3.5 USGI combo tools $7.50 each shipped. Now $6.00
4.Set of WOLFF performance springs ,included is a extra power hammer spring and I included a plunger and tube to go along with it,a extractor and ejector spring also. $20.00 shipped. Now $15.00
5.Complete rear site, WCE pinion marked with a M,BME windage,unmarked base,nice finish,$80.00 shipped. SPF
As always first I will take it followed by a PM will get the item,will combine items to save on shipping.I accept PAYPAL as a gift and money orders.
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