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Updated 'Family' Pics

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Well, here are some pics of the expanded family.
Top is a SA loaded I have had for about 5 years in a cherry wood stock.

Next is a Norinco in walnut acquired from a great son in law.

Next the new preban Poly in a birch stock I refinished.

Last the Fulton bush rifle, their receiver and chromed lined barrel in a birch I also did. Fulton and Clint did a great job!

and wait a minute, the M1D was lonely and wanted out of the safe so here she is. Serial #47xxx all mint all CMP documented.

Only got the new Poly and FA on paper. The wind was unreal here on Friday afternoon late.
Will update you as to how the new ones shoot as soon I get more range time.

Thanks for the great board and info!
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Thanks for the nice comments.
I hope to get the Fulton bush barrel to the range this week and see what it does. Got it on paper but we had 35 mph winds and darn near blew everything away.

Thanks for all the great info on this site
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