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Prices, include delivery, CONUS.​

**The magazines I listed as Winchester (2nd set of 3, pictured), I am researching, as to their authenticity. I listed them as Wnchester, due to the W on the spine. I will continue to research and, even post pictures as soon as possible. I don't want to sell something that is not as advertised.

Mag Pouches: $10ea

OD Magpul: $5

SOLD: A.R.M.S. #18, A.N.I.Bag, w/Instructions, Allen Wrench & Extra Adjustable Dovetail (I had laying around): $190

SPF: BRW S-1: 3 $20ea
SPF: HR-R:1: $20.
SPF: W (Westinghouse not Winchester): 3 $25ea
Unmarked: 1 $20
SOLD: 10rd: 1 $20
All Mags for $175​

Fiberglass Handguard: $15.00

SPF: Flash Suppressor Nut Pliers:

SPF: Gas Cylinder Wrench: $20.

USGI Cleaning Kit: Rods, Brushes, Combo Tool, M10 Tool &, Oil Bottle (empty) in Pouch: $25

SAVE!! Everything pictured, delivered, CONUS $400.​

If interested, please email me!

Thanks for looking.

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I'll take two of these:
BRW S-1: 3 $20ea
PM sent (no email listed).

Mike B
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