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Universal M1 carbine

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Has any one heard of a universal carbine he told me it was all usgi parts. Don't know anything about them but there alot of fun my shooting bubby has one he let me shoot a few clips got to have one found this one today for 349.00. Sounds like a good price and the pics looked good to. Thanks Fred
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Yeah, M1 Carbines are a blast to shoot. :D

Early Universal M1 Carbines are supposed to be OK shooters as they were built with USGI parts. Latter models without the USGI parts are suppsedly POS though.

Maybe you'd do better to wait & check out a few gun shows until you find a nice USGI M1 Carbine at a decent price - why take a chance on an iffy proposition?
I once made the mistake of purchasing a Universal Carbine, turned out to be a real POS!!. Not buit to GI Specs', Aluminum triggergroup all sorts of shoddy stampings and the more it shot the more if jammed. Finally got rid of it and got a M1 Carbine from Fulton Armory, pricey yes, but as close as you can get to a new issued carbine. Mine arrived in like new issue shape, all parts were "new old parts off the shelf and have yet to had one problem despite hundresd of rounds fired. Several Gunsmith friends stated that I have a new M1 Carbine!!
AlsoUniversal's have many stamped parts and in MHO are only good for crab line wieights.

$349 is high for a universal. you're getting into the bottom of the USGI price range. your money would be better spent o na USGI rifle.

that said a few years back i bought a universal. and i just shoot the heck out of it. when it breaks it becomes a wallhanger.
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