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Unitizing gas cylinder ?

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Ok first of all thanks to everyone for their responses to my last post :D.
Especialy Rooster who was a great help in his remarkable response time to a PM I sent him, hopefully I will be getting an op rod guide from him soon :D. Next ? I would like to unitize my gas cylinder, as money is tight
could I try the spot weld method on my own? I work at the local Meineke shop and have access to a mig welder and feel quite confident in my welding skills however I dont know exactly where the welds should be placed. Any one have pics of a welded unit or advice on wether I should even attempt to do this at all. As always thanks again to the great group of guys on this forum. :)

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AFAIK, you need to use a TIG welder. I asked my brother, who is currently a regional supervisor for "customer satisfaction" for Mazda USA (read, super-mechanic) and used to run his own shop and still works on cars, including doing some welding now and then, on a regular basis. He's been welding since he was 12 and is pretty proficient. He said that even with a TIG welder he'd be uncomfortable doing the job for me, as there would be a fairly good chance of warping the gas cylinder unless you've done quite a few to get the hang of it. I also spoke with a gun smith in my area that used to do these out of his shop, he said they weren't too hard once you got the technique down, but expect to ruin a few learning how. He used a barrel stub to hold everything in place while he did the welding to reduce the possiblility of warping the gas cylinder.
I'd go with a shim kit for $11.95 shipped from Fulton Armory. I don't think you could go wrong there.
Help from the North

Here is a link that should help you and others on this board. It is to our Canadian site where we play with M1A and M305's.


You can most certainly unitize the gas system with a mig welder. you want a tack welf at 10, 2 and 6 oclock when looking from the muzzle. Suggest you leave the rifle in the stock when doing this to ensure that everything is in alignment.

Don't weld a long bead, just a 1/4" tack is plently and let things cool between welds. Takes a second to do.

Good luck...

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