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Unissued SA M1 Garand

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I was recently bidding on a unissued Springfield M1 Garand with the foil still on the front and rear sights through the CMP. It was a low 6 million serial #, I’m thinking mid 1970s ? It was a little banged up from storage and was dry as a bone. I thought hey I’d like to have it at a reasonable price. Boy was I in for a surprise. I was floored on how much it actually went for and was outbid almost double. Am I missing something on the value of these? Dont really see much of an investment when you go over $3-4k on a 1970s M1 Garand. I thought even the Korean War era ones were pushing it on value and desire to have. I have always been told the WW2 time frame are the most sought after. Kudos to the guy who won the bid but it was way out of my financial comfort zone.


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I don’t understand why oiling the metal decreases the value. That would probably be one of the first things I would want to do. Disassemble, oil, functions check, then to the safe it goes. Just having that peace of mind is worth more than money to me. I guess it’s like having an old barrett Jackson car, you know it’s worth money but you have to know it runs too. Just my 2 cents.
Do anything to it other than leave it exactly like it came from the factory and now it’s NOT an unissued piece of history. You’d destroy the value Instantly.
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