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First unconditional "I'll take it" posted here gets the parts, followed by a PM with your name address. Please include a note with payment so I will know what it is for
NO PayPal, Cash USPS Money Order or Personal Check if I know you
Comes with $50 worth of insurance, if you need a larger amount it must be asked for

20 (8 left) Original USGI Unissued M84 Rubber eyeshields in excellent condition, not dry rotted or carcked.These original eye shields are hard to find item, not a reproduction.
They are covered in a white waxy film ,I rubbed one with liquid handsoap with fingers, rinsed with water and the film cleaned off as can be seen by the eyeshield in the middle of the pile.

$51 each plus $5.80 USPS Priority mail which comes with $50 insurance
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