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If you want to purchase post "I'll take it" here followed by a PM with your NAME AND ADRESS . Failure to do so and you may miss out on the part.
Insurance is extra and must be asked for if wanted, I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages

I can combine shipping on multiple items to try and keep shipping costs down
Items are listed on other forum

NOS Unissued Springfield flat faced Gas Locks marked M (hardened) straight out of wrapper in protective grease.
These are great gas locks, I use them on all my builds.
$19.00 EACH plus $2.50 ship ,

NOS, unissued Garand Follower Rods made by Adell Corp. which was a Springfield Armory subcontractor .They were wrapped in VCI paper and have a white powder preservative which wipes off. $7.00 each , $2.50 shipping

Springfield Unissued Apertures straight out of wrap $10 each plus $2.50 ship

IHC Unissued Follower Rods $15 each plus $2.50 ship

Unissued IHC Apertures $11.50 each plus $2.50 ship

These parts may be used but are excellent condition :
Pile of Rear Sight and Op Rod handle protectors, these are actually for the M14 but fit the Garand as well. These are USGI ,not commercial copies
Protect your rear sights and keep your op rod handle from damaging other rifles beside it in gun safe
$10 per set plus $2.50 ship, I can ship two sets for $2.50 . $4 shipping for 3 sets or more

Also have M14 Sight, Muzzle, Op Rod protector, chamber plug sets
M14 Front & Rear Sight ,Op Rod Handle Protectors & Chamber Plugs for sale. These are USGI not commercial copies .Parts may or may not be used and are excellent condition.
The Chamber Plugs are a item you dont see very often and am told they are rare/hard to find item.
listed on other forum

Shipping is $4.00 USPS First Class
1-2 sets are $18 each plus shipping ,discounts on sets after 2

1 Set $18 plus $4 ship
2 Sets $36 plus $4 ship
3 Sets $53 plus $4 ship
4 Sets $70 plus $ ship
5 Sets $85 plus $4 ship
6 Sets $99 plus $4 ship
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