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ultimate protector

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read on another forum about what would you choose if you had to defend your domain. the majority chose the shotgun. for years i have advocated this to be the ultimate weapon, loaded with 00 buck or slugs. peter capstick hathaway, read his books if possible they are outstanding reading, uses a 12 gauge when going after wounded lion in dense cover. i doubt any of us will ever face a wounded 400 pound lion but if this is adequte for that situation, it sure makes for a great defense weapon. slugs are ballistically on par with the old buffalo rifles out to about 75 yards and accuracy is sufficient at this range to make torso hits. for close cover or perimeter protection, it just cant be beat for taking down aggressive objects. i have practiced with slugs and 00 buck and know their limitations at range. i keep a case of each around the homefront and sleep peacefully knowing i have the best defense available to john q public. of course, for anything beyond the mentioned ranges, my m14 will do the talking.