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I absolutely HATE to do this, but a financial emergency has hit me. I believe it to be correct, but cannot say for sure. If it is Blue Book says $1850 in 60% cond. You make the call. It is a RA reciever finished and barreled by SA.
o Reciever marked U.S. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL MODEL 1903 3487XX
o Barrel date is 12-30 behind front sight and R 17 on the bottom of barrel under the stock and P bottom dead center right in front of rear sight base alng with a faint 3 near that.
o Bayonut lug marked H.
o Barrel band marked U.
o Rear sight base R. Rear sight leaf R. Rear sight sleeve several marks on bottom 7 X 6 R X X.
o Bottom of reciever Y.
o Trigger R.
o Bolt handle bottom marked R. Rear of bolt handle 34 and a 6 in a box struck 3 times.
o Extractor 4. Extractor ring R or P in a circle.

Those are all the marks I can see to identify it by. If you have any questions just ask. Price lowered to $715 shipped.

Below is info I recieved from a site member:

Greetings RCRTR,
As a long time collector of the '03, to the best of my knowledge, any unfinished RIA '03 receivers had all of the markings on the receiver ring except the serial number. RIA produced receivers into the 400,000 range. A RIA receiver sent to SA for completion after the cessation of '03 production at RIA had a SA serial number stamped on it. Usually well over 1mil. SA high numbered receivers over 800,000 were from mid 1918, during WW1.

So it would seem your rifle was rebarreled later in life. Still, for the price you are asking, if I had the money right now, I'd jump on it. I love the '03's !!!!

$835....NOW $715....$650..... shipped and insured via USPS Priority Mail. Payment by USPS MO only.


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Any idea what the bore looks like?

Also any idea on muzzle and throat wear

Thanks in advance.

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