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Two questions (Update: questions ansered--THANKS!!!)

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Two questions (Update: questions answered--THANKS!!!)

I have two questions for you guys:

1) Is removal of the gas plug , gas cylinder lock, gas cylinder & front band the only safe way to remove the handguard? It seems you should be able to remove the clip if you were careful and just lift the handguard out.

2) I have a SA 3rd Gen mount attached to one of my rifles. The instructions that came with the mount stated once you have it mounted to one rifle, that's it.....you can't mount it to another rifle:

Your scope mount is now fully seated and fitted to this receiver and will not fit any other receivers.

That seems a little strange to me. Especially since I see them for sale all the time on various boards. What would lead SA to make that kind of statement? More sales for SA for their mounts???? Or is it really only going to fit that receiver? That makes no sense to me at all.