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JD....I also have custom shims in .003 and .004" for just that very thing. Not many though.

Lapriester over at the CMP forum made a very inexpensive barrel shoulder rolling apparatus from a Harbor Freight pipe cutter. Replace the wheels with a kit from Lowes and you have your own shoulder roller. I've also gained some draw with an anvil and ball peen hammer. Easy enough really.

Takeoffs can be a pain like that sometimes.
Yeah, I made one too. Works like a charm.

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I would love to have a receiver and a barrel to time like yours. It that set up were mine, especially the likelihood of shooting out and replacing the barel is unlikey, I would just saturate it with Locktite and time the barrel.

My personal belief the less stress on the threads on that shot tenon, the better. In fact if I could get an armorer on re-barrel time on my match conditioned 14s to face the shoulder where the barrel times hand tight and barely nudged to time at TDC, and glue it, I will do it in a heartbeat.

I came from the bench rest world, though different from our game, my old gunsmith, TJ Jackson, preached strongly that barrels should just hand snap to shoot their best. The threads were still lapped together even though precisely single point cut. The hand snapped barrels required a wrench and a vise to loosen when time to re-barrel. Never had one come loose while in use.

Just one of my thoughts on barrels and receivers. One day when I learn how to run a lathe I can do it myself.

Nice builds you got there

Thanks for your input. I think you have a valid and interesting point of view regarding the indexing of these barrels. If I had an extra receiver I may just be willing to do exactly what you are suggesting, but I am unsure of doing so with one of these setups.
Like torquing the muzzle end of the barrel (15 foot pounds or so), I too think that the bore end can also be torqued too much. I have not researched the subject at all and have no real data to confirm or deny my suspicions other than to simply say that it all sounds logical.
At any rate, I am going to use the HR barrel for this particular receiver since the draw is at about 6:45 / 7:00. The TRW barrel has too little draw on it as Jon Wolfe pointed out. I'd be afraid of it shooting loose if I didn't loctite it in, and to be honest I just don't want to do that to this receiver (but again, it's not a bad idea overall IMHO).
Thanks for the nice words on my builds. I hope you'll follow along as I progress.
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