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And that was not a good idea. Fortunately I was near the end of my shoot. So, the shell casing expanded and stuck hard enough that I could not manually eject it. I was shooting DAG. I just packed up and took it home and did the thing with a wood mallet on the op rod handle. That worked.

I should have known better. I now remember trying to re-fit a spent case into the chamber and it was a no-go. A new round has lots of clearance.

A confession: 500 rounds through the stainless barrel and I have never applied a chamber brush. When I forced the ejection of the swollen case, there was black stuff on the neck to the shoulder.

If I try this experiment again, I will wait until a full cleaning and make it my last shot at the range. And I was so proud of myself for figuring out that I could use the rim of a spent case to turn the gas valve screw. I guess you can call this earned experience.
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