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Trying to find Army training movie

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When I was in high school ROTC ('80s). They showed us a movie meant to emphasize paying attention to detail. The "movie" was set in WWII, I'd guess probably made in the '50s and showed troops in (I believe) company C taking various short cuts:
One guy didnt always change the oil in the truck.
A couple guys chose to eat junk food instead of the nutritious Army supplied food
One guy lightened his trigger pull to win base competitions
One guy only wore one pair of boots because they fit better than the other.
One guy would loose things to lighten his pack load
There may have been more. When they finally went to combat in the Pacific, they showed how each of these little decisions played a part in getting them all killed. šŸ˜²

It made an impression on me! One of my departments at work seems to have developed a problem with paying attention to detail. Almost all of them are vets or still in the reserves. I'd love to find that movie, I think it'd be a "fun" way to make my point but I cant get close enough to the title or search description to find it.

This forum has more old crusty vets than anywhere else I know so, anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?


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I saw thw same film in the 70s, but I have no idea of the name.
At least someone else has seen it, I was begining to think I'd had a strange dream! Still haven't turned anything up, I thought everything was on the internet

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