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I read on Fred's M14 stock website that TRW stocks are different in that the P is a different seriff than that of Springfield and the other makers. Also that the color of a TRW stock was a dark brown it was almost black and the barrel channel was thinner.

Before I refinished this stock it was almost black and shows the other traits. It would be great if it was a TRW stock to go with my LRB M14SA that has mostly TRW parts.

Is this the TRW seriff Fred was talking about?

Or is this the TRW seriff?

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Quagmire said:
Actually, he says the TRW stocks have a flat P marking, like the one in your 2nd pic. A serrif type font has the extra lines sticking out (as in your 1st pic).
OOOPps :oops: .
Sorry I was giddy as a school girl at the thought I had a "TRW" stock that I misread it. Or maybe I forgot to close the cap on the mineral spirits and Tung oil and killed a few too many brain cells.
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