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Truly Impressed!

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Aloha Everyone...

Got a range report! I finally got to the range yesterday (work getting in the way of my shooting... huumph!)... I wanted to take the Poly that I have been working to function fire... all went well and the Poly performed much better than I expected. The first three shots formed a triangle about 1" big... using iron sights... so this Poly does have potential... I will mount a scope and see what this baby really can do!

But that is NOT what this report is about... after I had my fill of shooting and did what I set out to do, I settled on watching a "friend" shoot his SA Loaded M1A... he told me that the battle pack that he was shooting from would make 11,000 rds. from that barrel (which showed some signs of opening up but was definitely still usable).

To pound a stake into what he just said, my friend settled on shooting the steel plates... he always shoots from sitting, using a MRT leather sling, and with iron sights (although he has an ARMS #18 mount on his rifle). His first mags were shooting steel pigs at 200 yds... easy enough, bang, clank on each shot, of each mag... I was already saying wow! Then I noticed that with each mag, he was moving to farther plates and targets... at one point he loaded a fresh mag (5 rounds only per RO), took aim and shot... bang, clank but this time the clank was VERY familiar because I was just shooting those same plates... at 430 yds!!! Each round, bang, clank and I could hear the bullet running up the valley!!! That clank told me, he hit it again! And again! Five out of five [email protected]#@! I could NOT even see the plate with my naked eye (20/40 with stigmatism)! But I knew the sound!!! I love to shoot that plate also, but I use my scope!!!

I am sure for some, it might be nothing big, but for me, man, my head was spinning around!!! That, to me, is OUTSTANDING shooting!!! This guy was nailing the plate like it was at the 100 yd. line!!! I am TRULY impressed!!! And he told me, he only shoots nowadays to relieve stress!!! Holy Smokes... Wow!!! And, with a stock, shot out, SA Loaded to boot! UNREAL!!! He said in 11,000 rds, he has NOT had one malfunction!

This is a guy who buys his ammo, 10 cases at a time! Man, I went home really impressed... Certainly, I cannot shoot that well using iron sights... but I will if I practice and practice I will!

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.

I hope he reads this post and sees that he has re-inspired me to shoot well!
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How big

How big are these plates your talking about. Ive never been to a range like this.
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