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Wtbird, I'm having a similar issue with my Troy chassis in the other direction. I'm hitting way low, bottomed out my front flip-up iron first time at the range and still wasn't on paper. I dropped an Eotech on and got it zeroed, but I don't like being so far from mechanical zero.

I think mine is a rail alignment issue. My approach so far has been to try to figure out how much of a rail alignment issue by putting my sight at mechanical zero and figuring out how far off it is.

For you, it sounds like your issue is compounded by your 20MOA slope scope mount. That Nikon only has 40 MOA of internal adjustment, so if your rail already has some slope to it, and the M-308 mount has another 20 MOA of slope, and you max out the scope adjustment, you would be hitting high. Your top rail is probably sloped by 20-30 MOA if you are hitting 20+ inches high at 100 yds in the situation you describe.

Out of curiousity, did the installer put in a slope for you when he mounted it, knowing you were putting a high power scope on later? If you are looking to shoot long range most of the time on this rifle, the 20-30 MOA slope on your rail is actually desirable. I'd consider just getting a non-sloped mount. You may still bottom out your scope adjustment and hit a few inches high at 100yds if you do that, but with that scope you should probably be shooting 300+yds anyway.

If you are set on that scope and mount, you're basically looking at reinstalling the rail and finding a way to get the slope out by changing how the rail mounts either at the gas block or at the rear sight. Maybe shims? I don't know, this is where I'm kinda stuck on mine.

I'm assuming your rail is straight and not warped, too. You might want to verify this if you haven't.
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