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Trigger technique question

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I know there are a many shooters on this site with far more formal training than I have had. I have a question about trigger technique. My groups have gotten smaller lately and I was looking for what I was doing differently. As far as i can tell, I have fallen into a different habit when pulling the trigger. Hopefully I can describe it adequately. Before, I was just gradually pulling the trigger until "surprise...bang." Lately it seems that instead of just pulling back with my finger, I am tightening my finger to the web of my hand. This is a bit hard to describe, but in the first case the web of my hand had no pressure and now I am conscious of pressure in that part of my grip as I approach the 'bang'.
Kind of a silly question, but I bet there is someone who can enlighten me as to the 'right way.' or just tell me 'whatever works for you is good,' before i anchor in a habit that i may have to work to lose.
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I found it better to use a firm grip and pull the rifle into my shoulder. When my front sight is approaching the aiming point I deliberately pull the trigger. This method works great in a high wind.
If I hear you correctly, what you are doing is actually 'counter productive' to small groups. There should be no pressure on the web, the finger should come straight back without touching anything but the trigger (dragging wood), and you should always use the 'rapid fire' technique, ie don't release the trigger completely. Just far enough to allow it to reset (click) then repull. If you are firing single shots for group testing, obviously you can't do this, but your 'slow fire' groups will not be as tight, nor in the same place, as your 'rapid fire' ones. Your tighter groups are from: familiarity with the system, 'wearing in' of the rifle, and confidence. Perhaps different ammo? Keep us posted and HTH. dave
Thank you for the input. I am gonna play around and see what works best. But i will ditch this if it is a bad habit. Yes i do have the rifle firmly welded to my shoulder, and my cheek welded to the stock. i settle in until i am comfortable at the aim point then start to pull the trigger. it just seemed that the recoil was separated from the trigger pull when i pulled my finger against my grip, --actually the web of my thumb as i shot more today. Definitely open to all input.
Use the portion of your trigger finger that gives the best 'straight back' pressure on the trigger - it doesn't have to be the finger tip.

Learn your trigger so that you know how much pressure you can 'hold' without firing, and then how much more is needed to fire.

Also, hold the trigger completely rearward until recoil has stopped, and then completely release the trigger. I don't recommend the 'rapid fire technique' of only releasing the trigger to engage the 2nd stage - it can work, but I think there is too much chance for accidentally firing another shot before being ready.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA
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